Romantically Apocalyptic

Romantically Apocalyptic

Author: Vitaly S Alexius

Updated: Semi-regularly, but does put out regular artwork on DeviantArt

21 pages

Here is a comic you may not have heard of. It follows around the Captain and his underling Sniper as they traverse the wasteland of the United States after some cataclysmic event (assumed The Bomb) occurred. It explores the life and times of someone who lived through the bomb, from crazy cultists to giant worms. There really isn’t much of a plot, and the archives are kind of short, but the little stories are definitely worth checking out and the artwork is stunning.

The idea of light living on beyond the Bomb is actually rather rare, most depict it as a horrible, deadly place. It is actually quite refreshing to read a comic that puts a humorous light on it, or at least sticks to the part where their brains aren’t melting. Still, the Captain is hilarious in his obliviousness to the devastation around him, either by choosing to live lightly or haven been driven completely insane.

I actually would recommend looking this comic up on DeviantArt more than using the above link, as while the site is nice for the comic it does not include all of the background/teaser drawings that he has made, which is quite a shame.

Art: 5/5

The artwork in Romantically Apocalyptic is absolutely amazing. The characters are very realistic, and the backgrounds show a landscape that is as beautiful as it is desolate. Truly, art is the only way to describe it. If anything, the art is what really makes the comic

Plot: 3/5

The plot isn’t exactly overreaching, there isn’t much of one outside the stories held on each frame, plus a few short arcs spanning a few pages. At the release of this review there may have been a larger plot brewing, but that remains to be seen. Still, the short stories are enough to hold your attention at the very least. Interestingly enough, the series was originally a simple collection of unrelated stories based around the Captain, it wasn’t until later pages that the author went back and integrated Sniper into the originals. Example being that the first page had Captain talking to a random wanderer, not Sniper.

Characters: 3/5

The characters are flat, but interesting enough to again hold your attention. What can you expect from a short archive like that?

Romantically Apocalyptic is a great comic as long as you aren’t expecting a plethora of story lines or characters. But just take one look at the art and you will be hooked, I guarantee it.

P.S. Check the author out on DeviantArt, he’s really quite good at the whole “apocalyptic” thing

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