Motokool (Impressions)


Scott D. Ferguson


Updates as completed

Ferguson has definitely branched out, as he is currently running three comics simultaneously. However, each comic has it’s own theme. The first, Nerf This, would probably be considered his “primary” work. Scout Crossing comes in second, with an indie boy battle royale. Last, but not least, comes Motokool.

The reason why this is an “impressions” piece instead of a full review lies in the fact that Motokool is a fairly new comic; Ferguson has only recently started to update more frequently. Thus, I can only speculate on the story. However, it is looking promising, and I’d like to note why. Unmarked spoilers to follow, but really. It’s ten minutes to go through it. Deal.

Motokool has set itself up to be a story of a journey. Motokool (the company, not the comic) may as well call itself “Adventure Inc.”, as can any courier service in an environment with beasts as deadly as they are dapper.

However, even the most well-dressed creature won’t be a challenge for Jarvis, as he is shown to have unspecified superpowers. Thus, an incredibly powerful enemy must be chasing after him to create tension.

Enter Templeton.

Kinnaird Gray beats Jarvis soundly. He also shows incredible feats of strength by ripping up trees and smashing things with them, killing off beasts easily, and so on. Kinnaird is established as a very strong person, much better than Jarvis. He has fought against Templeton before and lived. This means that his (assumed) death at the hands of Templeton elevates the… thing to a position of extreme power, thereby creating a major threat.

Speaking of the past, I like how the comic begins in media res not once, but twice. This leaves both Grays ripe for picking, as they both have to explain their involvement with Templeton.

You might ask why I noted that it started twice. Look at it this way: if the comic had began where is is now, at Motokool, would you have really cared about the grandfather’s past? He might have come up in the recollections of Jarvis, but it would have to be a cursory thing. Otherwise the story would get too far off track. Showing the old Scot alive and fighting makes you sympathetic towards him.

Also, the before-and-after of (what I assume is) Jarvis’ deal with Templeton prevents Jarvis from becoming too much of a Marty Stu. Show him as a weakling to prove that he’s a man, and so on.

So, yes, the story that we have and my extrapolations lead to a grand adventure. However, even these can be boring; Tolkien showed us that much. So how does Ferguson break it all up?

Humor, of course!

You might not guess it from my writing so far, but Motokool is very funny. Okay, the story is somewhat dark and the Grays are fairly serious, but every line that Templeton delivers is gold. Ferguson has a knack for the funny sociopath, with the Ringmaster (my name for him) from Nerf This and Templeton rating high on my list of favorite characters. There’s something about a man that can make a clever quip while he’s ripping your spine out that’s just so… -*sigh*.

Ferguson’s obsession with dapper finery makes quite a few appearances, one of the more obvious ones being the monocled and cuffed creatures of the forest. A man after my own heart.

Oh, and it’s very pretty. The most recent chapter is especially nice-looking, a mixture of human design and nature, like Laura Croft lounging under a waterfall in a string bikini. Of course, I have Rule 3 for a reason, I could be too much of a philistine to think that it’s bad. But I like it, many other people agree, and the rest of you can jive back to squares-ville, Daddy-o.

So yes, the comic is grand, pretty, and funny. The question is whether it will stay that way; I’d like to think so. After all, Nerf This has been going on for ages and it has only improved. I only worry that running three comics at once will hinder the quality of one, but I can’t really talk.

In all, I’ll be keeping tabs on Motokool. It’s still in a transitory phase, yes, but I’m sure that all of that will be resolved shortly. After all, all true gentlemen must venture to the great unknown! Just ask Britain.

5 thoughts on “Motokool (Impressions)

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  4. Every thing you said is very true but you make it sound alot darker with out all the humor cant wait to see more. At least nerf this is a regular update

    • I suppose, but it is something of a “dark fantasy” at any measure. Plus, I’m a huge fan of “dark” stories, so I may be biased.

      And I wouldn’t worry about the update frequency. I’ve said again and again that the best comics are the ones that favor quality over quantity (Dresden Codak, Hark, A Vagrant!, Lackadaisy Cats, etc.), so let him have the time he needs, eh?

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