The Perry Bible Fellowship

The Perry Bible Fellowship

Nicholas Gurewitch


“Indefinite hiatus” aka Dead

I once heard PBF described in this way, and it is fairly accurate.

Panel one: Pleasant, normal scene.

Panel two: Character continues mundane, normal task.

Panel three: Horrible gore-ridden, rape-filled, suicide-based horror.

…yeah. Although it’s not quite that simple, PBF really does love its bait-and-switch humor. And as formulaic as it sounds, it’s actually quite funny. With topics including suicide, murder, sex, and insanity, it’s definitely a mature comic, which always makes it better of course. But as always, you’ll know if you are going to like it or not within a few minutes of reading. I hesitate to describe it any further or give examples because so much of the humor is in the not knowing, so just go out and look at it yourself. What, you expect me to do ALL the work? What is this, a hotel?!


There’s no recurring characters, no in-jokes, no plot at all, so don’t worry too much about the correct order of things. Hell, you could just hit “random” a thousand times if you wanted, although its not recommended.

As for the art style, it is pretty good, but it varies a lot as you go from comic to comic. I don’t know if other people are drawing some of them, or if Gurewitch is simply good at a few styles, but you can go from amorphous blob-people to detailed drawing in a page. It’s disconcerting at times, but add something to the randomness of the comic.

Whelp, there is a nice, morbid comic for Zombie Jesus Day. I hope you all have a great time doing whatever the hell you do today!

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