Trudy Cooper

85 pages

Updates Semi-regularly

Oglaf is the kind of comic that anyone with a good, moral center avoids. Good thing I lack one, eh? As the intro states, it started off as an attempt to make comic porn, but then the creator realized that she liked the idea of making webcomics more than porn. Thus, Oglaf is born, following the apprentice to a “liberal” sorceress of a master. There are quite a few side stories, most of which are pretty funny. The whole thing takes place in medieval times, so knights, magic, and crossbows are quite common.

Like I said, most of the arcs are fairly-graphic sex jokes, but the side stories tend around the life and times in a medieval world where magic actually works. King Arthur, the Boy Who Cried Wolf, the whole lot all make appearances. It’s good times.

The art style is actually pretty good (yeah, I know. I’m commenting on how well she can draw cocks. It’s a valid observation). The characters are well drawn, esp clothed, and the scenery is fairly detailed.  You can tell that it was originally intended to be an art project. Ifyoukno-no, I’m not playing that game.

You really will know if you will enjoy the comic within a few minutes of starting it. If you can get past the “art style”, or (gods forbid) just act mature and get over it, then I think you really will enjoy it. And no, I didn’t get this link off a porn site. It was on Menage a 3. So there.

Annnnnyways, give Oglaf a meander when you get a chance by yourself. And leave your morals at the door.

Note: Cooper is also the author of the more popular/plot-driven/classy Platinum Grit. Thanks to Eddie Caplan for the info!

2 thoughts on “Oglaf

  1. man i love Oglaf. great graphics ‘funny stories’ sexy girls’
    all of it. didn’t know its a “she’who writes that.she must be a real cool chick!

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