Geek Girl Gravity

(woo alliteration)

Let me tell you a story.

One day a friend of mine (Kitty, for those who’ve been reading a while) and I were sitting in the commons area of my university, and we saw a strange phenomenon. A group of people walked past us, all guys to first glance, until the man-sea parted and a girl emerged. She sat down, and all the boys remained standing, at least until she almost ordered them to sit. They were like puppy-dogs to her every whim.

Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t bad looking, far from it, and I bet she was a very nice girl. However, she has being tailed by a horde of men that treated her like Helen. Why? Because she was an attractive geek girl, and she holds power. She was like a magnet, or a super-massive object, drawing in all the nerd boys around her.

Why do nerd girls have so much power? Well, because nerd boys give it to them. Boys seem to think that the girls are far and few between (false) and want to jump their bones because they also love WoW. Now, I’ve covered this before, so here’s the relevant part.

What’s up with the “Booth Babe” phenomenon? Are these people supposed to be attractive?

Penny Arcade recently did a strip that kind of demonstrates what I’m saying. But yes, men are desperate for women, blah blah blah we’ve all heard it before. I simply don’t see how it has any power. Lusting after a booth babe is kind of like going to a strip club, they’re being paid to talk to you. That’s not sexy, kids, that’s just demeaning for everyone around. It just shows that the woman is willing to give up dignity for money and that the men will chase after any pair of tits that crosses their view.

Don’t get me wrong, sex sells products like you wouldn’t believe, and I stand behind that. A prude I am not. However, I must say, I’ve never found “Booth Babes” attractive. Not one bit. Let me explain with another example: Have you been to Hooters? Or its local equivalent? If so, have you ever walked out of there feeling good about yourself? No, no, no, you don’t. Why?

It’s because you’re being deliberately manipulated, and you know it. Whether it’s a conscious thought or not, you realize that the only reason why the woman is talking to you is because she’s being paid to. And most people realize this in normal situations.

However, throw that Hooters waitress into a Dead Or Alive costume, and suddenly that instinct goes out the door. That normal woman has evolved into a woman that knows something about anything nerdy, and that makes her sexy. Right?

Wrong. It’s such a miserable situation for everyone around that I simply can’t wrap my head around it. How can people allow themselves to be manipulated so?

Things like this is partially why I don’t watch televised “gamer” news stations. They seem to think that namedropping a video-game character is all that it takes to entertain geeks. Which is partially true, but it doesn’t mean that you get to completely skip out on material. Or, /shiver, Web Soup, aka “viral videos for idiots”.

I ramble, I know, so let me summarize. There’s a very good reason why I avoid mass media as much as I can. It’s mostly because they think that we’re all a bunch of mindless zombies, and frankly, I’m inclined to agree. The sheer popularity of stuff from “booth babes” to ludicrously-priced WoW steins makes me think that anything vaguely “geeky” will sell. It’s great to like these things, folks, but think before you do. Don’t be a sheep. Or, gods help us all, actually treat a “geek girl” like your equal, not a goddess. You’d be surprised where it’ll get you.

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