Terribly sorry if this is odd, I’m a little *whooo* today.


MRTIM (Mr. Tim?)

Updates daily

I came across this sweet nothing while… well, I don’t really remember where. That’s not important.

Anyways, the idea of the comic is that the author, MRTIM, is the proprietor of a comic book store. As an budding comic artist that is forced to view the dredges of our society, he digs through the nuts that visit his store and writes them down.

I’m tempted to call “bullshit” on some of them, but then I remember that people are insane as a rule.

Really, it’s fascinating to see some of the things that people come up with in their idle thoughts. The nutjobs are broken down into a few catagories: Creeps, Crazies, Jerks, Fighters, and Jus’ Folk, although you probably won’t be using those subgroups as the most efficient browsing method is to start at the home screen and go by pages.

The only thing that bothered me about CUSTOMERS was that the comments section is black text on a black background. I don’t know if I simply have something set wrong or what, but it seems like an odd choice for design.

CUSTOMERS is an insubstantial lunch-time comic that you laugh at while scarfing down your nutrients; it’s simple catharsis. I won’t write much about it because there’s not much to SAY. However, I kind of enjoyed it, and you might as well.

And if this is the first post that you’ve read in my archive because it’s the shortest, then you will LOVE CUSTOMERS. Yes, all you tl;dr little shits, this is the comic for you.

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