Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, Americans. I hope that you’ll enjoy your day off. Perhaps have a nice barbecue? Throw a football around in the warm air?

And while you’re at it, remember why we have this day, to remember those who fell in battle fighting for what they believed was right.

To the men that faced certain death in WWI and WWII, those who charged up beaches and dropped from airplanes in the middle of a sea of enemy fire. Those soldiers who fought to keep North Korea from overtaking its southern cousin, facing the might of an insane force without flinching. Those that crawl though a sea of stinging sand, facing down invisible enemies and disguised explosives.

All of you. You’re all absolutely out of your damn minds, and we could not be more grateful that you are. Thank you.

Folks, it’s easy to get caught up in the bloodlust. They kill some of our citizens, we rejoice when we kill some of their terrorists. And the world is a dangerous place, and there are people out there that would burn our nation to the ground given the slightest chance.

However, please take this Memorial Day to reflect again on why we send our brave sons and daughters off to fight. For the end of the equation is peace, not domination, something that so many people have lost sight of.

I’ve heard that only a soldier can truly understand the value of peace, and it seems to be true.

So take this day to spread a little more peace. It doesn’t have to be much, but even a little bit helps.

As for the soldiers among us, again, I thank you for your service. And for those that gave more than they should have had to, your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

Happy Memorial Day,


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