Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. I may disagree with almost every form of war imaginable, but the soldiers fighting in them still need our support. Even more to the point, let us never forget those who have fallen or lost due to war’s intolerable, vicious grip. We must also remember that the goal of all this pain is not the control war, but to end it.

While I am not a naïve hippie, I recognize that diplomacy should be the only real option, with war being an impossibility that we may have to bring into reality with great difficulty. The United States seems to have forgotten that. War is never acceptable. I will never support it. The brutality and loss associated with it is so counter to civilized culture that it should be forgotten, and yet it remains. Blind nationalism is for idiots.

Yes, there are people in the world who would try very, very hard to kill everyone in the United States. Yes, they have weapons. But here’s the thing: the appropriate response to someone threatening you with a rock is not to shove a tank’s barrel down his throat. We seem to have a problem with limiting our force to appropriate levels, just enough to deal with the problem at hand, not any possible issue down the road. We have diplomats for that. For example, we rolled into Iraq “looking for WMD”, found none, then killed the dictation and installed a new government. That’s non-sequitur if I’ve ever heard it.

However, soldiers are not at fault for what they must do, and I’m not trying to devalue their efforts in any way. Blame the senators who send citizens off to fight, while keeping their own sons and daughters at home. Blame the generals, who use “shock and awe” to devastate the countries. Blame the warmongers, who have forgotten what peace looks like. But do not blame the soldiers. It’s their job, nothing more, and they do it well. They may have the purest of intentions, and would buy peace over war any day, but are forced to fight by the “higher-ups”.

In short, hate the war, love the soldiers. It’s the only thing you can do.

Fine, fine, I’ll get off of my soapbox. Still, my point stands.

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